We journeyed away from the big city in our little camper van. Not far, just a couple of hours west toward the coast. As it so often does, the Oregon Coast delivered with lush, rooty, forested trails, miles of pristine beaches, and some of the best beer and grub around!

A-8HWY 101 became our stomping grounds.A-453Most Important Questions: How much can you eat and how much can you run?“Is this even a trail?”The post run chill’n.Coffee and Pumpkin Bread….yes please!

Insomnia Coffee, Cannon Beach.A-147Gotta get that salt water taffy!A-438Evening fires on the beach.A-591Morning at the trail head… let’s go run!A-601A-680A-734Oysters, Ice Cream, and Fish Tacos… I mean… that’s pretty solid!A-467A-457A-407A friendly balancing competition.A-410Oh yeah…and more running.A-368“Just point that way….yeah.”A-172“Where to next?”A-16A-128

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