I mean…as far as hut-to-hut trips go…this one is BOMBER!

The approach to each hut is all about enjoying the easy rollers  (while this route seems more designed for nordic skis, we took a little side tour onto the shoulder of Broken Top with our AT skis on day 1, so there’s definitely flexibility). When you get to the huts you find they’re already chock-full of sleeping bags, food, and of course… beer.

Card games and books serve as entertainment under our decorative lighting. Looks like Micah had cell service 🙂

The next day we find ourselves shin deep in fresh snow. The mini blizzard blows all day and we fight our way to the next hut (which is more like a cabin).

Reaching the cabin at nightfall, a few of us decide to build a mini ski jump, and (powered by whiskey) go hard at it. With the help of a road flare… we leap to our hearts’ content… much crashing and laughter ensues.

The next morning is calm… perfect for a bathroom stop in this AMAZING outhouse… but yeah… cold butt cheeks!

After getting some fun turns on a nearby ponderosa-covered hill (I left my camera at the hut so I could enjoy those turns), we packed up and skied out to our waiting vehicles. Good times were had by all.


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