In the summer of 2019 Brian Donnelly and myself set off on a human-powered, bicycle-propelled, surfboard-inspired adventure. We traveled from our homes in Portland, Oregon, on rickety bikes pulling over-packed and unsteady trailers. Our plan was to travel over the coastal mountain range to the beautiful Oregon coast…all just to catch some waves.

About 90 miles in I broke the derailleur hanger on my bike. After push-bike-skating for 20-miles along logging roads we came upon the town of Seaside. There, with the help of a man named Les (owner of Prom Bike Shop), I was able salvage my bike by turning it into a single-speed.

After a day and a night of traveling, and after 120-or-so miles, we had made it to the Oregon coast under our own human power! Surfing, camping, and good times followed.

Then, it was back to our homes, another 100+ mile slog over a new set of mountains. We logged 250 miles over 5 days and became solid friends and adventure partners.

And then we made a movie out of it! So please go enjoy our antics!

Rideable was awarded honorable Mention for Best Cinematography/Editing on  Thanks guys!