Back in 2016, after I had just moved to Portland, I met Yassine Diboun and Travis Liles and quickly became friends with them. These guys, along with Scott Loughney, are legit ultrarunners with proven track records.

They basically offered me my first big break in the Portland area: to follow them and film their epic foot-journey across Oregon on the Pacific Crest Trail. They were going for a record and they wanted me to document it. It was a wild ride that forged lasting friendships and memories.

This film was an amazing collaboration of creative people: Bryson Steele (co-camera and assistant editing), Johnny Bertram (all of the design work and over half of the original soundtrack), Alexis Gibbons (on the piano for the original soundtrack), my wife Jinny Mortinson (cello on various parts of the original soundtrack), myself (producer, director, co-camera, editor, motion graphics, sound recording/mixing), and friends Brian Donnelly and Jordan Carey who provided early cut feedback and contributions that were crucial to getting the story right.

This film toured across the U.S. with the Trail Running Film Festival. It toured the globe in the Trails in Motion Film Festival (for which it also won Best Cinematography). And it has been an inspiration to many (including myself). I hope you enjoy!