Whether an adult or a child, our eyes seem to be constantly glued to screens. I’ve made it a point to get my own daughter, Charlotte, away from electronic devices and out into nature more often. And you know what? She loves it!

“What will we do, though?” you ask.

Play! Explore! Build boats! Investigate insects! Experiment! Get muddy! Swim! Run! Sword fight! Skip Rocks! Make hats! Pick berries! Set up a tent! Roast marshmallows! Climb trees!

Often during these hands-on moments Charlotte begins to think and ask big questions about the world. She escapes from her personal bubble and emerges in a space where organisms are doing their own little, fascinating things to survive.

Charlotte learns that the world does not revolve around her. She learns that nature provides. That nature is therapeutic. That there is a pecking order in the animal kingdom. That water has various currents and depths. That bugs are crazy. That being outside is fun!

And we didn’t have to go far…just a 40-minute drive away and we had a creek to ourselves. It doesn’t take much to get outside. But with so much technology around us, we have to be intentional. I believe only good can come from it.