Freelance filmmaker and photographer living in Portland, Oregon.
I specialize in outdoor and sports media and am an avid trail runner and adventurer. Being as physically fit as the athletes and models I photograph is extremely important to me and has proven critical in capturing authentic content in unique and far-reaching places.
I am an Image Maker with an Athlete Mentality.


My first experiences in photography were in 8th grade with my mom’s Minolta x-300 film camera and 35mm lens (I still have and use that same camera from time-to-time today!).
It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I realized I could actually tell stories cinematically for a living. So I went off to film school to learn “how to make movies.” It was there that I realized I had to be self-driven; the professors gave me the knowledge, but I had to take the initiative, write and shoot short films in my free time, and really explore on my own if I was to get anywhere.
Fast-forward a few years and I had discovered a new passion in Ultra Distance Trail Running. Combining my high fitness level, desire for adventure in any capacity, and a self-driven cinematic skillset, I decided to go out on my own and really pursue stories I believed in.
And that’s been my mindset since. I love working with small and large brands alike. If there’s a good story to be told, I want to be a part of bringing it to a larger audience in a cinematic and beautiful way.
See you on the trail.