I am a freelance filmmaker and photographer living in Portland, Oregon.

Specializing in outdoor and sports media, I am an avid trail runner and adventurer. Being as physically fit as the athletes and models I photograph is extremely important to me and has proven critical in capturing authentic content in unique and far-reaching places.

I am an Athlete and an Image Maker.


My first experiences in photography were in the 8th grade with my mom’s Minolta x-300 film camera and 35mm lens (I still use that same camera recreationally today). And from that point on I knew what I wanted to do.

Over time I’ve realized you have to be driven to survive in this business. You need to take initiative, write and shoot in your own free time, and explore personal projects; passion fuels creativity.

A huge influence on me has been the discovery of human-powered adventure: ultrarunning, cycling, rafting, mountaineering. These things tap into what it really means to be human, to take risks, to venture into the unknown. They are where great stories are born.

I love working with small and large brands alike. If there’s a good story to be told, I want to be a part of bringing it to a larger audience in a cinematic and beautiful way.

In the meantime…hopefully I’m off on an adventure.